Meet the Professionals

Who is Creative Concepts?

Creative Concepts is comprised of two like minded individuals, that one day realized the services they provided, were a viable asset to any company or resident. A few factors being:

  1. Efficiency in 2 related categories  Time - Is the single most important issue to a client and the team. Being punctual in time frames, and scopes. Time is an area that will not be an issue, rest assured. Start times, deadlines, and man hours will always be completed with the utmost efficiency.


       Project OperationsCommunication is key to any successful business relationship. From day the proposal is sent, to          the completion of project, count on Creative Concepts maintain clear communication to achieve efficiency and a                      repetitive client base. All projects, on our end will be handled with respect and pride.


  2. Customer Service - is a dying art. In Creative Concepts we have a saying, “Your concept is our vision”. May we follow           that quote and include, our life work. All customer relationships will be handled by Customer Relationship Manager, that         is empowered to make any and all judgment calls, as needed. Each step of the project, you will receive honesty and a           smile.

  3.Product Knowledge – PK as we refer to it, is essential to any painting company. It is very important to be up to date and          understand the specifications of each product recommended or used. Application Specialist will ensure that the product          used on your project, are the most cost efficient, and best in the market.


  4.Respect – Our goal is to treat all client’s projects, as if they were our own homes, buildings, etc. All projects will be                handled with the utmost are, and non-destructive, fashion possible. With all goals in reach, and care, nothing is                      impossible. All labor preformed will be done so, with regards to all aspects.


  5. Quality – Custom, Faux, texture, repairs, floors, doors, walls, down to pressure washing, will be completed with the               highest satisfaction. Will attach a few reviews for your enjoyment. When Efficiency, Communication, Customer Service,         PK, Respect and Labor is preformed, the Quality, is something you may judge yourself.

  6. Experience – Sarah is a veteran painter, from 3 generations of painters. 24 years and counting experience, she brings to      the table a wealth of information, and solutions. Todd is a biologist and is a pressure washing expert with over 8 years’            experience. Together they are innovative and creative, driven, and focused. They look forward to showing you why                  Creative Concepts is unique.


So now you know who we are, we would like to know you. No job is to big or too small. Call today for a free consultation and estimate for any of your painting or pressure washing needs. We appreciate your time and consideration on your future projects.

Here are a few testimonails for your enjoyment:


“Roof and lania pressure wash. Good communication prior to accepting the bid. They are hard working and deliver what they promise." - Tim D

"The task was to make a dark cherry bar/server match as closely as possible a white-washed beige china cabinet for the dining room. Sarah has an artist's eye for color and though it took several attempts and adding different color washes, she came as close as we believe anyone could have. The job took longer than she or we anticipated, but she is a perfectionist and we appreciated that. It required that she not only spend additional hours here, but also juggle her schedule while working on other projects and proposals. Highly admirable of her. After this pleasant experience, we have engaged her to paint a 7-drawer lingerie chest for our bedroom. We highly recommend her and her team who also did a great job of power washing our deck, without spraying debris into our pool. Not an easy thing to do." -G. Bernier

"Prompt, professional and personable. I would highly recommend Sarah for painting your home" - Robyn A.